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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Nagar has got Ervik

Part of winning the reward challenge (Spilling Rice Grain) Nagar was given a scroll. It says Nagar is given the freewill to get somebody from Sar Mayee and they have got Ervik. He's now part of Jon's team.

I guess Ervik is happy to be one of them. From the beginning, Ervik doesn't like his tribe-Sar Mayee. But when he belongs to Nagar, he started working. He used to be lazy as what his former tribesmen say.He was smiling on his way to Nagar's camp because he knows Nagar has got shelter, better food and of course Jon's team is a strong one. Nagar always wins in the challenges. He sees that they're organized and the members don't need to be told to do what they have to.Ervik is happy to see Moi. He's close to her and Ahron.Jon and Michelle are worried. The original plan might not work. They agreed that whoever joins their tribe should be voted out if they're going to the tribal council.But it's now three on three. Jon,Michelle and Ian alliance vs Moi,Ahron and Ervik.

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