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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Karen Voted Out in Survivor Philippines

I knew it would be Karen, the "Taray Queen" who's gonna leave. Some of her fellow castaways found her annoying. She talks a lot about nonsense things.Some of the boys partly knew her on their first day at the island.Although Moi was the reason why Nagar had lost the last immunity challenge, they know Moi can do better things than Karen.For the rest of Nagar Karen has no much use so they voted her out.

Karen formerly belongs to old Sar Mayee and I can sense that Pretty Trizsa and her are not getting along well with each other.The latest castaway who is voted out in Survivor Philippines Celebrity Showdown admits that she has attitude problem.

Karen delos Reyes was first seen in Mcdonald's ad on TV. I was surprised to see her on the game.I didn't expect that she's mataray.At the beginning of the game I was sure she would be hated because of her undesirable character.In the back of my mind I knew she's not staying long.Moi did the right decision of not using her immunity bracelet. She was confident that she's staying in the game.

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