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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Unguy Unguyan

An immunity challenge was being fought by Nagar and Sar Mayee.It's called Unguy Unguyan.Ungguy is a Filipino word that means monkey in English.The castaways had to use the hanging ropes to move from one platform to another. They looked like climbing monkeys swaying on the ropes to get their bananas! Then they get a piece of the big puzzle after climbing the net wall.

Sar Mayee won. They still have the chance to stay longer in the game. Aira and Ahron  of Nagar did great on the challenge! Aira did her best.She's a woman.I can't imagine myself doing it! Climbing on the ropes need real strength. Your arms need to be strong enough.It's like carrying your whole body weight with your arms! I hope Aira will make it to top 10 castaways.She's a woman but she's not the weakest link in her new tribe-Nagar.Moi is the reason why the tribe lost.She volunteered that she can make it through the ropes.Mico  could have played instead of her.Moi might be forced to leave the island for the coming tribal council tomorrow night.I hope not.Moi is better than Karen.

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