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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Candidates Win!

Yay! Majority of my candidates won in 2010 Barangay Election!I didn't vote straight for the admin though.I picked only those I know who could really serve.I have the chance to be with most of them since I spent five years in our barangay for being one of the SK councilors in 2002.In our term, I was able to identify the good and the bad ones.I recognize who has a heart for the people and who acts arrogant for having a position.

The three aspiring barangay captains were all incumbent barangay councilors.At first it was hard to choose among them but I immediately made up my mind after listening to them in election rallies.

I am happy with the result.It only means that the people in my barangay know how to vote wisely by choosing the right people.Congratulations to our newly elected barangay captain Eleneo "Boy Isda" Layese and his councilors!I'm expecting them to go around to thank the people and do some clean-up to get rid of the campaign materials just like what we did in the past.

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