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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Happy Thought

It's been a while that I haven't posted something about myself.I enjoyed making posts about what's happening around me and I kept updating my readers about Survivor Philippines.Now I feel writing about Ladyinpurple.

I didn't feel good these past few days. I would suddenly find myself staring at nothing then I would feel something unpleasant.I wasn't sure of what I want to do next.I don't know if plan A is better than plan B.At times I feel hopeless and useless.

However, I see light again with the help of those people I talked to.I'm thankful to have them around.I'm lucky to have met them.They're right.Why would I worry much if there's nothing to worry about? Most of them said you don't have a problem.You just give yourself a thing to think about with no solutions so stop thinking about those stupid ideas.

So I choose to be happy, to stay pretty and make use of my brain to enjoy life than to push myself down,to get ugly of thinking too much and to refuse to believe that I'm good enough.

I love you guys!

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