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Monday, October 15, 2012

Love in Action

I never thought I would take part in any movement. I rarely go out and I didn't like being around with many people so I didn't expect seeing myself doing community service. My focus were solely on my family and my studies. I don't even pay attention to different extra-curricular activities in school.However, time leads me to get involved in my community and in my city when I was an elected youth official, to be part of a children's advocacy after college and to have the chance to become a volunteer in Arise Philippines Youth Movement Incorporated.
I firmly believe in the power of 'we'.I've been inspired with the vision of Arise which is standing for what we believe in and becoming a channel of change for next generation by conducting conference for youth  leaders, medical, dental and optical services, child feeding, giving away free medicines and construction of public toilet.
On July 31, we were in Barangay 31-D where the community toilet is constructed for the official turn-over.With the help of the Australians who have burden for Davao, the vision has turned into a reality.Arise Davao 2013 is looking forward to donating another toilet that will be located in Matina Aplaya. A study shows that there's a presence of  coliforms in Punta Dumalag caused by improper waste disposal of people living along the shoreline. With this, Arise has chosen the said barangay where the project will be implemented.
The movement believes that helping a community by giving support to the septage and sewage ordinance of the city will give honor to the Creator of everything and not to man.It requires passion to get yourself involved. You don't need to be in the position to lend a hand.Giving service is one way of showing your love.

"True success can only be measured at the end of our lives by how we utilized what we had to serve society and honor God.This is the only success that can never be taken away from you" -Book of Hope

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