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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Gothic Look

Gothic look is in during Halloween. Halloween parties are everywhere and costume competitions are expected to happen. People who don’t feel like wearing costumes of witches, dead people and messy horror characters, gothic look is the best option to take. In my own opinion, this is a modern way of fixing and decorating yourself when attending parties during this spooky season. A pirate look can be associated to a gothic look. Wearing a hat, beads, rings, bells, bandana and loose shirt and pants will give you a complete set of pirate look attire!

There are people who don’t want to perfectly meet their Halloween costumes like bringing a pumpkin, a candle or a broomstick with them. Another option is the Harry Potter look. In Davao, there was a Harry Potter inspired Halloween Party for all the fanatics of this movie and best-seller book.Dressing up like your favorite Twilight character will make u stand out too!


Multibrand said...

Gothic look ..... ?
Hmmm ... must have been a very interesting Halloween party.

ladyinpurple said...

yeah right (^_*) I'd prefer to have that look in a Halloween party..hope u had a great one!

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