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Friday, November 05, 2010

Michelle is out in Survivor Philippines

Michelle reunites again with her lover, Jon after being voted out. She's the third member of the jury together with Aira.She looks happy that she gets to be with people who like her.At the camp, Michelle is an outcast!But it made her become a stronger person and fought until she can.

Aubrey is smart.She focuses on the game.She always gives safe answers.It's obvious that she manipulates the game and successfully gains puppets! Michelle is right when she said that the rest of them are afraid of taking risk like making a new alliance because they know Aubrey's alliance is the stronger one.Their attempt to make the game nasty wasn't successful.

Aubrey's next step would probably destroy Moi-Ahron alliance before getting rid of Solenn and Nanay Elma.It's definitely easy for them to kick Aki out of the way after.Aubrey Miles is dying to be the first celebrity sole survivor, isn't she?

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