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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Mayor Sara Duterte Punches Court Sheriff Aby Andres

I wouldn't say that the thing did by Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte to RTC Court Sheriff Aby Andres is right.Giving punches to your subordinate in public is undeniably mean and improper if you consider yourself as a public servant and an effective leader.On the other hand, I understand why she had done it. Davao suffers flashflood at that time and she was busy attending the victims. She didn't expect the chaos that broke out when she  arrived in Soliman, Barangay Monteverde Agdao.There was an exchange of  undesirable acts between the demolition team and the residents.

Mayor Sara asked for a 2-hour extension so she could be there during the demolition.What she wants was to avoid such occurences that really took place when her request was not given prior attention. She was extremely fuming the moment she saw the sherrif that blocked all her senses.Problems flowed over her that she was unable to hold her temper that resulted to an injured sheriff.Perhaps Mayor Sara feels that respect is not served when her wish was not granted.She then decided to send Aby to the hospital to be checked and get admitted if there's a need.

On a national TV news station, a text poll was made and the result says majority of Filipino people are not cursing the mayor for doing so.The vice mayor Rodrigo Duterte who happens to be his father tells his daughter not to worry if she loses her political position and license as a lawyer  after the incident.The vice mayor believes that what her daughter did was just to defend the poor people in the city and that's what the Dutertes are for.

I don't admire  the fact that Mayor Sara was able to throw punches to a man. The kind of heart she has for the needy ones is what I am proud of.

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MrMarMans said...

For me the controversial issue, "the Mayor punched the court sheriff" can be justified:

1.The demolition was illegal (Violation of RA 7279) and not humane (there was a violence);
2.The sheriff did not grant the rightful request of the Mayor to delay the demolition for two (2) hours to prevent bloodshed (Gross Negligence of Duty – there was an implied intention to allow violence because the Sheriff knows beforehand the two scenario of event that might occurred by either to grant and not to grant);
3.In the midst of clash, the Mayor punched the sheriff.

*The mayor responded in accordance with DIVINE or MORAL LAW (it is not sinful - see: RIGHTEOUS INDIGNATION in Wikipedia), and not guilty under NATURAL LAW because she acted as a person under in a state of Extreme Emotional Disturbance as a result of which there is a loss of self control overborned by anger because she did not appreciate the wrongfulness of the acts (refer 1 & 2 above) of the sheriff.

To those who condemned the act of the Mayor and the solidarity of support of Davaoenos to their great leader are not righteous and not upholding peace and genuine justice.

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