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Monday, April 28, 2008

Davao-Samal Bridge

The government in the city is still reviewing the plans of constructing a bridge that will directly connect Davao City to Samal Island (Island Garden City of Samal-IGACOS). This bridge will make the transportation easier for the people and for the site goers as well. Some residence are ok with this plan. Others are strongly disagree. According to them, people who earn their living with their motor boats will probably lose their income and make their family hungry. If you'll ask me with regards to this issue, I'll go with these people. Samal Island is the only rich island that we have. Rich with natural gifts and beauty that we can boast to our visitors. Most of our land area were commercialized and turned out to be in housing projects. If the construction of this bridge will really happen, many people can easily go in and out of the island. The island will probably be open to a new change. It's good to have something new and get a certain place developed but they should spare this island. We have to preserve it! The beauty that it has will no longer be as fresh as it used to be if they're going to pursue this project. It feels really different to be in there. Far from noise and the busy life in the city. It's like a good haven to relax. I know not all officials are on it. There is a division in house and I just hope that this idea will be trash! I love this island and I can see its effects when this bridge is going to be true. Jobs will be provided when this happens. Beautification can be achieved. Easy access to the island is no longer a problem. Businesses will grow more. Yet looking at its loveliness, it's hard to think that it'll be sooner become an ordinary island. The excitement will be gone. While you are riding on the motor bancas or any ferry boats you'll feel a different feeling as you approach the island. It's like landing on a paradise that will heal and comfort you and forget all your worries. As a whole, I'm not ok with that idea. Actually it was a brilliant suggestion but personally, putting a bridge to connect Davao City and Samal Island is not a good proposal. Better to think on other projects for further development of the city.I can smell something fishy in here huh!How about you? What's your stand?


Anonymous said...

My city is building the biggest fashion bridge of europe. I drive near it everydays and it's wonderful. Please have a look on it, maybe it's the same in your country ;)

ladyinpurple/jazzie said...

hmmm I saw it (^_^) It's beautiful :)

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