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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Spratly Islands

I've been hearing news about the controversial Spratly Islands but I got more interested after I saw a documentary report on TV that tells more about these islands.China,Vietnam,Malaysia,Taiwan, Brunie and the Philippines are among the countries which claim a part of Spratly Islands.It was said that the islands may be rich in oil and gas reserve that will last for many years.Is it true  that the former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo has sold some part of the Philippine Islands to Chinese government without our knowledge?

I hate to know that our theories with regards to this matter might be right.It feels like we are betrayed by the government by giving away or by selling a property owned by the state.They say the past administration had an agreement called JMSU or Joint Marine Seismic Undertaking with China that makes China's claim on the islands stronger in exchange of loans that cost billions of pesos. They believe that the North Luzon railway project and the NBN-ZTE deal are financed by China in exchange of their deeper exploration in Spratly's which eventually resulted to some Filipino fishermen's death because of being caught fishing in China waters.How sure they are that these poor Filipinos are not fishing in Philippine sea?Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo's administration's lack of transparency could mean Spratly's oil lost forever that awakens my countrymen's anger.

Was the execution of three OFWs in a row shows China's  wrath to my country? Is there a major reason why Arroyo ran and has a position in the congress after her presidency? Is she one of the reasons why a bill   that could make our claim official was put on hold?Philippines is the closest country to Spratly Islands. There are hawkbill turtles, green turtles and other rare seabirds in the islands.The islets are located next to Palawan and my country is a large group of islands.I hope the Filipinos will also look at the wildlife present in Spratlys and not just fight for our right because of the natural gas.

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