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Monday, November 28, 2011

Britania Islets, Surigao del Sur

Island hopping is an outdoor activity I like doing. I have roamed around some islands in Samal and getting to the islets of Britania in Surigao deepens my enthusiasm to the islands of the Philippines! I would love to visit more if I can.
Britania has got several islets. We've been to Hagonoy, Panlangagan, Hiyor-Hiyoran and Naked island which they also called as the vanishing island.

We stayed in Hiyor-Hiyoran where we put up our tent. It's an island facing the turtle islands. The islands really look like turtles if you look at them in a far distance.There is no electricity or nipa hut so we feel like we are the survivor castaways!

We did cross an islet on foot when it was low tide. That was the time when we saw different sea creatures! I admire the rock formation and the very fine sand that massage your whole body.

At night, we enjoyed our dinner together, had bonfire and lie freely on the sand while looking at the bright night sky. It felt so good to see three falling stars from above. My friends saw five of them!
During the day, we savor the beauty of Naked island. I find delight in seeing the clear blue sky and waters, the white fine sand and the green leaves that give life to it.We were like little kids who get excited to get off the boat! The best island in Britania for me is Hagonoy. You'll definitely get tempted to take off your slippers and walk barefooted!

I take pleasure in being at the beach. Seeing these wonderful creation by God makes me love Him more for giving us a paradise on earth that we can utilize.

Traveling enriches your knowledge, broadens your horizon and makes you appreciate life more.


Anonymous said...

hi pwedi malaman kung magkano expenses ninyo pag island hopping sa britanai island. thnx

ladyinpurple said...

Php 1,500 ung bayad sa boat na good for 15 people. Tapos in less than 2 hours maiikot nu na ang mga islands dun. Have fun!

Liezl said...

Ang ganda... planning to go here someday, hopefully this year.

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