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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Alyssa and Aifha Wave Goodbye

Alyssa and Aifha who consider themselves as friends has ended their survivor journey. It only needs five votes to be voted out and I expect them to be the first pair to go. Both of them are too emotional. On the first day they already have arguments. It was too early to have it if they're actually friends.

Tala tribe lost in their first immunity challenge and they're now down to seven since Geneva Cruz has quit.Tala's camp has encountered a cobra and that was really scary! I hate snakes and I can hardly sleep in an open area where there's a possibility of being bitten by insects or other animals in the island!

It was smart for  John and Arnold to hide their little secret. Informing their fellow tribe members (who are not their alliance) that they lost their immunity bracelet is surely a disadvantage on their part.

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