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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Facebook's Zuckerberg has Asperger's Syndrome

There are some people who are ungrateful for the creation of the popular social networking site which is facebook but you would probably agree with me if I say that majority of people love it!A yahoo article that tells about the The Confessions of a Facebook Employee gives me an idea that the CEO and co-founder of facebook has Asperger's. Individuals who have this syndrome shows difficulty in social interaction. They do restricted and repetitive behavior of  interest. I believe that because of this condition, Zuckerberg has created facebook and it makes us enjoy the things it gives us.

Early this morning I've come across a news photo on my wall that says Facebook is closing on March 15,201.I'm not sure if it's true or just another hoax. Is it? I've read Zuckerberg doesn't care how much billions he makes. All he wants now is to have his old life back. I don't own a company but I understand how difficult it is to deal with different problems because of the thing you created.
A goal-driven person is likely to achieve what he wants to get.World Business leaders have characters that others might see it negatively but realize that it's one of factors why the dream has come to a reality.They have strong personalities that contributes to their success.I remember a point of Andrew Bosworth that talks about trusting Zuckerberg's plan and ability although his boss is not apparently showing  confirmation or reaction to their suggestion/proposition. I think it's a good idea to let the people know that Zuckerberg has Asperger's to make it easy for people to work with him and accept his natural behavior in which we find unusual.

Asperger is an autism spectrum disorder.Last Saturday we had our Autism Walk for 16th National Autism Consciousness Week with the theme: Making the rights real for Filipinos with Autism.I'm happy to be a volunteer for children with disabilities and have the exposure. It's really important to know more about this disorder to help the person who has it. Like Mark Zuckerberg, his employees will widen their minds and deepen their understanding about their boss if they know the nature of a person who has asperger.

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