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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cebu City

I had the chance to see the Queen City of the South for the second time around. I visited Cebu in 2007 and I am happy to be there again. I was with a group of people but this time I accompanied my aunt who needs to check a land property. We stayed in Lapu Lapu City. It's situated in Mactan Island where the airport is. So, we've been to Mactan Shrine where Lapu Lapu's monument stands.He is the first Filipino hero who killed Magellan, a Portuguese explorer. Lapu Lapu is the first Filipino native who defended our freedom against the foreign  invaders.
Mactan Shrine
You need to cross Marcelo Fernan bridge or the other bridge to reach Mandaue and Cebu City. Looking around and seeing the number of establishments I would say that Cebu is better than my city when it comes to business prosperity. I always see foreigners everywhere we go. Most of them are Taiwanese, Chinese and Korean nationals. A worker from Fort San Pedro was very kind to be with us all the time to  take us some pictures.
Fort San Pedro
I have seen Cebu Cathedral. History tells that the Spaniards has brought Christianity in the Philippines. They have influenced our people in what we believe now.My aunt is Roman Catholic so I stayed inside and attended the mass with her.In Mindanao, the Spaniards had a hard time in reaching their goal. Although they have successfully converted some of us to Christians, there's still a large number of Muslims in the southern part of the country.
Cebu Cathedral
I looked closely at Magellan's Cross which signifies their arrivals in Cebu.It is housed in a chapel fronting Cebu City Hall.The paintings on the ceiling and on the walls will help you understand the events that took place in the past.

Magellan's Cross
We have a look at the luxurious Shangri- La Hotel and enter Cebu Waterfront Hotel and Casino where I saw Anabel Rama, a Filipina actress and  talent manager. It was holiday when we arrived since the people in Cebu remember the legacy of Don Vicente Rama. He is the Father of Cebu City Charter. Don Vicente is a journalist who become a congressman, mayor and senator.We also dine and walk around Cebu's Business Park which is commonly called as the I.T park of the city. Of course we didn't miss Sto. Nino Basilica.
Basilica del Santo Nino
Aunt Joji is very accommodating.I enjoyed my week-long stay in their house. I sleep comfortably and their bathroom is clean.I met my mom's old friend whom she met in Germany.I actually planned to meet some relatives and friends while I was there but I hadn't had enough time.We also visited Taoist Temple and had a nice view of the city.
Taoist Temple
Cebu is known for guitar factories. You would love to buy native products they offer. You shouldn't leave the city without their dried mangoes and dried fish! There are also beautiful beaches like in Bantayan Island and resorts like the Plantation Bay.I enjoy sight-seeing and being in  different places makes me feel good. I always love traveling and I'd still want to see more!

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