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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Haven in Kaputian

The day after we arrived in Davao from Cebu, my family is invited to go to Samal Island.It's my uncle's birthday. They live in Kaputian,Island Garden City of Samal.It was a blissful feeling to be in a new beach resort. It's been a long time since I last visited my uncle's house.
Never did I expect that Kaputian has another white beach that fills our day with fun!I have visited some places or islands in IGACOS but I never heard of this place from friends! Summer time is at hand. It's school break. The people in Davao will surely like to be here. Residents say there's a troop of monkeys if you walk around the little forest.We had no time to check it out because the clouds suddenly turned dark and we had to leave. The sun is so bright and the surrounding is so warm. I actually don't have plans of getting myself wet because I didn't bring my swimming attire. I thought we'll be staying in for the entire day. I was indeed surprised to see this place!

We make a way to get into the water though. There are no other people. The place looks so remote and the road is so rough! People from the city might find it difficult to travel but it's all worth it!

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