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Friday, April 20, 2012

Kamp Pagasa 2012

Kamp Pagasa has never stopped teaching me. Year after year I gain valuable insights on how to stay calm and firm despite having all those destructive factors. People's negligence on their duties and inevitable occurrences  that generally affects the activity could have totally broke me and allowed me to reach my elastic limit!However, I am surprised that I was able to hold my temper.I just realized the things I'm capable of doing. That I can disagree in an agreeable manner.It's good to know that I can still be nice to people who aren't to me and to the staff. I'm an officer and I have to control the crowd since the first person in rank was sent by our mayor in Manila for PWD's National Conference so I have to take over.
Campers and Volunteers at Davao Crocodile Park
Kamp Pagasa 2012 that was held in Palma Gil Elementary School in Quirino is indeed fun! I see new campers.It's worth sacrificing to see their smiles.It keeps my pain and sleepless nights away to see them on stage performing and enjoying all the games.

I have met new volunteers too. The summer camp for children with disability is not possible without the commitment of every volunteer to take care one child for seven days. As well as the support coming from the city government of Davao and different agencies has contributed to the fullness of Kamp Pagasa.Our deepest thanksgiving to all our sponsors that sustained us throughout the duration of the camp for their donations.

The success of  this life-changing summer camp is dedicated to all the children with special needs.Let's not forget that they're part in our community and they have rights to be respected. Differebtly-abled persons are truly special for they give us unique inspiration that would change our attitude towards life. Thank you and God bless every heart  that sincerely help.To God be all the glory!
"The greatest form of love is to sacrifice and to give service to humanity."


kim said...

that sounds really great! haven't been in a camp before, maybe someday I will..

Kuniko said...

Hello Jasmin!
This is Kuniko.(^^
I understood your activity from this article.
Your are very nice person, and great.
Also, it is nice experience to meet many peple, because you can get the ideas and benefits from them.
I hope it'll be significant activities in your life.
Thank you!!

ladyinpurple said...

Thank you very much Ms Kuniko for dropping by. It's indeed helpful to be part of this kind of activity.I am blessed to have this chance.

@Kim- You should try to experience one. Leaving your comfort zone to volunteer yourself for these children is such a great opportunity because you will realize the great things that you have in life that you sometimes forget to acknowledge.

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