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Friday, May 25, 2012

Happy Heart

The month of May has been great for me. Attending a youth gathering that helps me become a better person is such a great opportunity. I always feel I'm being found because everything I do now leads me to choose what is right and what is true.
I enjoyed all the activities we had. The games are energy-giving. They're fun and very enjoyable! Having this kind of chance to be with my fellow youth makes me feel I'm having a normal teenage life.

Before the summer camp that was held in Villa Cristina Orchids and Garden Resort in Los Amigos I got a feeling that is not good. However, after the 3-day camp I was able to clear my mind. Like the gray cloud that vanishes then you see the blue sky as the sun rises up.

Participating in such healthy activity reminds me of who I am. It helps me remember how I received the most special gift in my life. It teaches me perseverance. To ask, to wait and to obey. To live the kind of life that's pleasing in the eyes of the One who created me and shaping my heart after His.


David Pascht said...

i like your blog so.. :)

ladyinpurple said...

Thank you David

Henry said...

Great to discover these blog... I pray for you for more inspiration in life in God's help... visit me also in my page... let's inspire the world let everyone know that God cares..

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