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Saturday, March 22, 2008


The country is divided into 3 large islands;the Luzon,Visayas and Mindanao. Bohol is located in the Central Visayas region in the Philippines. It's capital city is Tagbilaran City. It's one of the best tourist destination in the country for it's known for the Chocolate Hills. These are hundreds of hills scattered in the whole island. I visited Bohol last July last year with colligues from my city. I learned something from our tourist guide while we were inside the bus headed for Loboc River. According to her, the name Chocolate Hills originated from a white foreigner who'd been there and described those hills as chocolate hersheys!When I was a child I really thought of how lucky those Boholanos are because they have lots of chocolates around them!jajajajajajajajajajaja.What a weird thought isn't it? My teacher in elementary grade wasn't able to tell us the reason behind its name. I was staying in Manila when our group decided to go there. I arrived here in Davao Sunday night and we were headed to Bohol a day after. I did make it to be in Davao to join them!Well, thanks for my dear sister. She got the plane ticket for me :)
It was a great summer when I was in this city. In Manila, I'm not really exposed to the heat of sun. I really really felt that it was a hot and super hot summer. I have my sun block lotion though. We went to the cave, to Loboc river and were serenade by children, been to great resorts, and of course we were on top to see the magnificent view of nature, The Chocolate Hills. I can't forget those times. We stayed in Cebu city ( the city in front of Bohol). Bohol doesn't have an airport so from there we have to ride a Big Boat that can carry 200 passengers. We were in Visayas for 6 days and I spend less than a week in Davao and I flew back in Manila because Justin is going back in Korea. I want him to taste my "pasalubong". My souviner for him is a keychain,a very small guitar from Cebu.That was my first time to go back in Manila that I'm not fetch. While in the taxi I was texting them all where am I every 15 minutes. Oh by the way, the people of Cebu is making quality and low cost guitars. In fact we visited the Allegre Guitar Factory and witnessed how it is made. Other delegates bought a piece for their children. Being able to visit Bohol is such a nice experience! Furthermore they are offering a dolphin site seeing too.Unfortunately the dolphins are not around during the time when we were there. According to them, there is a certain month when dolphins are visible in their area. Here's some of our photos. I have lots of photos in my CD taken from Cebu to Bohol but of course I can't put them all in here. That would be an obsession!jajajajajajajajaja.Take some time....
Behind me are the Chocolate Hills Statue of Blood Compact of Sikatuna and Legazpi Panglao beach Resort (I love this place!) Savoring the ambiance The Tour Bus we rode Us- The Delegates Sagbayan Peak At Man-made Forest Taoist Temple in Cebu I met my classmate and friend as well again after not seeing her for how months L-R Jazzie, ate May,Sheena and their 2 colligues City of Cebu at my Back (supah hot climate!I guess its a fake smile)
Visit this site to know more about Bohol, Philippines. If you're planning to get there you can check their available hotesl in there. Find resorts and know their prices.

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