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Friday, March 21, 2008

New Inspiration..Ruben Gonzaga

I'm talking about Ruben Gonzaga. The Pinoy Big Brother's Big Winner on Celebrity Edition. Ruben lives here in Davao. In fact we're on the same barangay. The people in our community know him specially the Barangay Council. Most of our current officers are his close neighbors. Well as far as I know, this married man is known to be a good man at all times. Almost everybody is his friends! He formerly worked at ABSCBN TV Station Davao. He was working on one of the local shows in my city. After the victory parties he had in Manila he went back here in Davao. He visited a lot of offices and people. He's been here in our village. There was a program for him managed by ABSCBN Davao. There was games, contests and dancing! I didn't participated though. I don't want to be seen on Tv!jajajajajajajaja. That event will be aired on the following Sunday after they shoot it one Saturday morning.jajajajajajajaja. I had a great time watching the people having fun and games with him. Ruben is another product from Davao who's now be working on the capital. That only shows that "Dabaweños" can beat "Manileñas" and other people around the globe! That was a reality contest. A great challenge. Even if the fact tha he's from the province and look not great unlike other celebrities that time, his strong will and faith made him finished the race. I watched it and being a true and honest person with good heart to everybody will take you at the top. That made him a BIG WINNER! He has a big heart for everyone no matter who you are, no matter if you are a full or half Filipino. Visit the official website of the Pinoy Big Brother to know more about Ruben and other events that happened inside the Big Brother's house in that edition. There you can also see the latest updates of the coming new edition for this undisputed reality Tv show in the Philippines.

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