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Friday, March 14, 2008


---Us (gwafa_coop)---
During my college years I met a lot of gals and guys. I joined different school clubs and organization. Our intramurals is one of the best times. A week of celebration, fun and competition. I also joined sports event like volleyball and girls basketball.jajajajajajajajaja. You don't believe it? Actually that was just an accident. I got close to one of my classmates. He’s boyfriend is school’s varsity player and she’s playing basketball too. What happened was she encouraged me to join the team for our major because they’re lacking teammates. It has to be completed and the officers have to submit the line up.I want to help our organization of course so I decided to play.jajajaja LOL. That was so cool. My guy friends can’t believe that I’m in basketball court dribbling the ball!!!! A lot had happened during those times. Betrayal as well as wonderful things completed those years. Without the hardships I can never be this strong. I realized that wounds can be healed..in due time. ..I thought I can never get through with it…yet I did.

My mom was always there to support me. In my studies I never had a problem with my books, with my projects and everything that I needed. I’m proud of having a mother like her (^_^).

Souvenir of our graduation ceremony

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