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Friday, March 14, 2008

My Classmates

The above picture is an image of us. We're in our uniform excluding Sheena. I guess she forgot that it’s not wash day.This was taken on the second floor of the college department building. We were waiting for our class. We got bored and had fun with the camera phone. This is what we do if we get bored. During these times, we chat and laugh.We talk about our assignments, projects, teachers and even love life!Above from L-R is Kemberly, Princess, yours truly and Sheena. Where’s Harold and Macky? Each one of us has its own use in the group. We work with each other to cope up with our school requirements. I'm the one who's always late in the group. I live near our university.


Anonymous said...

hmmmmmmmmmm i just want 2 say that im so proud of u luv .4 making a great job in ur blog account and i will always suppport u ok??? kip it up.. muaah

vinkoy said...

hmmm your face looks familiar.. I'm still having trouble remembering though.. heheh

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