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Friday, March 07, 2008

I changed my mind

It's great to be here in this blog hosting site. Honestly speaking at first I got really discouraged and I did planned to delete my blog in here and make a new one in other site. However few hours ago I found what I was looking for. Yesterday I had a hard time searching for it. And now that I found it?jajajajajaja. There's no reason for me to leave in here. I have fun in here working with my own site. I just realized that its more cool to be doing things like this rather than giving much time on my networking sites. Networking sites.....? It's indeed a pleasant site to find friends around the world yet I found myself satisfied with it and I wanna do more. I have blog entries in there but its more on addding friends, sending comments, adding applications etc. I wanna be in where I have the great chance on seeing others output. I want to see what kind of thoughts they got that they are writing. I wanna meet friends who do the same thing as what I am doing now. We can relate to each other and I'm really really fond of this kind of stuffs.

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