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Sunday, March 09, 2008


Life is a test and this world we live in is a place of trial. It is the greatest gift I ever receive from Him with His great love on us. I was born in a family with great courage to pursue things. Difficulties and different struggles are always present to make us stronger and forth going.In my life, I received a lot of gifts with regards to my studies, in my childhood days, about my family and even in spiritual aspect. Certain times may come that I wasn't able to do what God wants us to do. However, I'm certain that He is at my side to guide me. During my elementary years, I used to received awards and honors. In my high school years I was able to experience the feeling of bein attracted to my opposite sex. Moreover, during those times I learnen and realized the purpose of our existence in this world. Beyond those happy moments, we've been in great crisis. Before I though that my life is going to an end. Yet there's a true someone who was able to lift my face and spirit up. He's indeed a true friend. He gave me hope. In addition, He's truly awesome in our lives, a might and great Father. I know many people know about him but few who are abe to recognize Him.
The author was a former SK (Sangguniang Kabataan) Councilour.As a public servant, I had given responsibilities and duties to perform in our barangay. Being one on the honorables gave me the challenge to interact with different kind of people. Seminars, workshops and programs boosted my self esteem. Our term ended with lots of memories to keep. The travels we had brought us closer to fellow officers. Today, I'm very much blessed for having my loving familywith me as well as my generous and thoughful friends. As of now, I'm preparing myself to another avenues I'm going through.

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