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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Personality Test

The personality test that was handled by St. Peters Rehabilitation was able to provide us with our longed interpretation of our inner selves. It was able to impart to us the knowledge and understanding of individual differences. People differ and definitely, we have our own lifestyle and preferences in life to suit our wants and needs or to gain satisfaction through it. We had given individual report form- "The Adjustment Inventory Revised (1962) Student Form by Hugh M. Bell. The said form shows our raw score percentile with regards to the different aspects of our lives. The HOME, HEALTH, SUBMISSIVENESS, EMOTIONALITY, HOSTILITY and MASCULINITY. We were all very much thankful that we have undergone such test for it really help us students to understand ourselves more we ever know. In addition, I thank oour Guidance and Counselling professor for letting us take the test. I know it has relevance with regards to understanding one's characteristics and personalities being possessed.

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