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Friday, April 04, 2008

Guitar Factory in Cebu

During our Educational Trip last July 11-16 2007 via Cebu and Bohol, we visited a guitar factory, the Alegre Guitars that can be found in the city of Cebu. For the information of others, Cebu city is known in producing local artists, composers as well as singers. Vina Morales, Manilyn Reynes, Sheryn Regis, Kim Chiu, "Budoy" are just few of them. Cebu is the second home in producing amazing talents in show business. When I was there I did plan to buy one but I'm not that fond of this musical instrument. I learned to play two songs using only the basic chords. It was summer when I first started playing it but I quit because it hurt my fingers and nails. I can take it no longer. I was very busy too in other and more important thing so I returned the guitar that was left to me for my practice playing.
Our Second Tour Bus Inside the Factory The lower or back part of guitar People at work raw materials they used Varnishing and Painting Section Their Finish Products Inside the Display Room Having fun with the jack fruit outside I met my former classmate & her friends Their guitars are amazingly done
For music lovers if you got to visit Philippines don't forget to drop by at Cebu and get your own guitar. There's a lot quality guitars are there in their showroom to choose from. The prices are reasonable!!! You'll surely love it when you see it by yourself. It was so cool to be there (^_^)

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