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Friday, April 04, 2008

Swiss Family Robinson

Watching TV for me is such a waste of time. I rather spend my time reading a book or surf the internet. Then I realized that I have an easy access on the latest happenings through it. Few months ago, honestly speaking I don't know what's happening on Philippine TV. If there's a hottest news around, I would just go in front of this computer and look for its details. I got to know to this Swiss family named Robinson because it was aired every morning with other cartoons for the kids. When it's airing time, that was the moment that I am having my breakfast. Every day I wake up I got to see their daily activities, fun and struggles. It's like that cartoon was a part of my morning. I learned that the whole family is going to Australia to start a new living with the help of their father's friend. Unfortunately, their ship was destroyed by the storm and sank in the ocean. As a result, Swiss Family Robinson didn't make it to be in Australia. What made me think about the story is the thing that they are all alive and safe in spite of the tragedy that happened to them! I can imagine how their father struggle to keep them all saved. I didn't see how their life started all I know was that they were in an island in which no human beings are living. Basing on the different scenes I guess they were in that island for almost a year or more. Far from civilization and human beings. Their father Ernest is a doctor and his wife Ana is a nurse. They have 2 sons Frans the eldest and Jack the youngest They only have a daughter name Flony. The family is still lucky to be stranded in a tropical place. What if they were in a place where there is snow! It would be hard for them since they don't have clothing in winter time. Swiss family Robinson, experienced a lot of difficulties while living in that deserted island. They were attacked by hyenas during the night. That made their father Ernest decide to build a tree house to keep them safe. It took him and his son Frans a long time before they can move to their new house. They experienced to live in a cave when a storm visited the area where the island is located. They're like the people during the stone age. They make fire out of sticks and stone. Moreover, they were trembled by the active volcano in the island! There was a strong earthquake. After the earthquake, Ernest started planning a good step on how they can leave the island. They already made a boat but it was destroyed by the strong waves. It's like their effort in making that boat for how many months turned into nothing. They were still lucky because if it happened that they are in that boat, they're probably be dead now. This kind of experiences is teaching the viewers to be more courageous. The kind of father they have keep them alive. Ernest is such a model father. In their journey, I haven't seen his father murmur and blamed God. He and the rest of the family never loose hope. In spite of their situation they were able to live a happy life. They celebrated the birthday of Ana and Flony in the island. Everybody's working. They are helping each other like a team. I love to see them everyday on TV and I'm loving it day after day. The cartoon ended last Friday. I was late when I turned on the TV. I just saw the hardships they had encountered in their sail going to Australia with the help of a Captain named Mr. Morton and he's with a native Australian Tom-Tom. These seven worked together before the volcano will erupt and kill them all. The last thing I saw was they were all in a train in Australia and able to survive with less water and food in their boat. They were headed to meet Ernest friend who's living in that country. I learned a lot from it. That cartoon may just seem a cartoon but it's shaping us. It touched my heart. That I search more informations about it and I found out that there are other versions of Swiss Family Robinson.As a whole, Swiss Family Robinson cartoon series implies cooperation, respect, love, courage, perseverance, hope and faith.

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