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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

What kind of insect is this?Do you know?

I was with my friends at the falls yesterday for the entire day. The falls was named Hagimit Falls.
In our language the people call it " Kaliguanan sa Lasang". This falls is still located in the island named IGACOS situated in front of my city.It was my second time to that place. While hiking to reach the top we saw this people washing their soiled clothes at the lower part of the falls.They lived near Hagimit Falls and they use to bathe and wash in here.
I was just informed the night before of the outing. I'm glad that I was able to be with my friends again. I met new people in there. The berks of my friends were there also. They joined us since one of them knows the place very well. I'd been there once but it was years ago. I can hardly remember where's the exact location. While lying under a coconut tree I noticed a small insect. I don't know exactly what kind of insect it was. I took photos of it because I was very curious. One of our colleagues found it. I don't know what family it belongs or what's it name..jejejejejeje. Here the photos I got.
It's back
His close up His front body Looking from his head
It looks like a grasshopper and a cockroach in one body. Anybody can tell me about this little thing I found yesterday? I didn't kill him I let him go after his photo shoot.jajajajaja LOL

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