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Friday, April 18, 2008

Personality Test - EMOTIONALITY

My EMOTIONALITY was co bad. I got a percentile of 92 and a raw score of 21. I got UNSATISFACTORY result. Maybe it's because of the fact that sometimes I can't control my emotions. The following are the emotions that I usually feel or undergo that had a negative impact on me. First is daydreaming. I thought daydreaming was good but according to psychologists it's not. Followed by the feeling of depression and inferiority. Sometimes I feel that I'm a victim of misfortune which was definitely wrong and undesirable. Next are having anxieties, nervousness and worries. Lately, I realized that I must be worry-free for me to feel good all the time. That I must be cheerful to gain extra strength by simply liking and enjoying the day with laughters. Most people say that I don't smile often. The last but not the least is the feeling of consciousness and sensitiveness. There are a lot of people who described me as a very sensitive and conscious one in which I found it true. By knowing then, I gain valuable insights on how to overcome this negvative feelings of mine. Slowly, I learn to change this state of feeling.

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