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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Personality Test - SUBMISSIVENESS

My SUBMISSIVENESS was AVERAGE. I got a percentile of 55 and a raw score of 13. A submissive person is an individual who is willing to submit to other. On the other hand, an assertive person is the one who's not just merely submitting himself to anybody but is insisting strongly that they have the right to choose and not just being told to do an act. If you're ask me, I'm submissive to the people who are worthy to gain respect from us. Like for instance, the authority or the persons who are I know had the right to rule over my decision since I'm not a full grown up. We sometime argue with our parents because we don't understand each other. However, we know that all they want is for us to be on the right track. I'm not submitting to people around me at all times. I have to think of my reputation and morals. I won't do things that I know will destroy me and are against the law. I am thinking if this act is acceptable. I weigh things for the common good. I'm not perfect though.

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