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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Personality Test - HOSTILITY

As to my HOSTILITY, I found myself to be a HOSTILE one. I'm glad to know with this result because with the interpretation they gave me I have this feeling or attitude to improve myself and change to become a better one. Perhaps I have this as a result because I can't afford to trust people even in my friends. I have this feeling towards them because I was betrayed before. Sometimes I think that they don't like me a lot, that they're unfriendly but in fairness they're not. Moreover, I don't criticized people openly. I'm afraid to tell their negatives because I know that I have my own flaws also. However, I believe that there is punishment for every wrong act I've done. Although I had this in me, I believe in God. The Superior one and ultimate judge. It's written in scripture that there is payment for every act that we do against His will. He's a jealous God and mighty One.


Keith said...

OMG! Whewre did you find this personality tesat? Is it only about negative traits? Maybe you nbeed to findf another test? LOL. We do need to be accountable fdor that whi9ch we do. I do think hard on the distillation of the biblical message as laid out in the book Imitation of Christ, a book which leaves me humbled every time I pick it upo. You write well.

ladyinpurple/jazzie said...

We took that test at St. Peter's Rehabilitation Center in my City. We all have to take it. Our Guidance and Counseling professor instructed us that we really have to. It's not just about negative traits its both + and - And thanks for the compliment :) I do love to write.

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