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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Silent Moment

We have a lot of moments in life when we are very loud, cheering and doing some merriment. There are days of celebration and fun.We also have busy days with hectic schedules ahead of us. Our life is as as busy as the city streets. Give a break to your never ending struggles! It's time to breathe.Give time to yourself. A perfect time to refresh yourself. A time to reflect on what we are doing, on what we are after and for what are these things. Personally speaking, I have " ME time". In other words, a time for myself and not with other things or other people. I spend some moments to think on what I really want to do. Of what's my current situation. I am asking myself if I deserve to have these things in me. I often think on the things that I have to change for the improvement of myself and self direction. This is what I got in mind when I saw this picture. This is a photo of my niece Lexi sitting at the widow looking outside. I'm not sure if this was sunrise or sunset. My sister Aloha took this. I like the way it is. Mom was saying that Lexi was missing us specially her and that she was thinking on going back in here!jajajajajajajajajaja. That was a joke of course. Lexi looks "emotera" in that pic of her.

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