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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Summer Adventure in Mt. Apo

Mt. Apo is the tallest mountain in the Philippines that can be found in Mindanao. It measures 2,954 m (9,692 ft). It's popular for climbing and trekking specially in Lenten season as well as during summer. Two days is needed to reach the peak and 1 day going down. My friend who was able to go there said that there are sulfur powders at the base of the mountain. There is a lake in there were most climbers stopped their journey and spend their night. In that site, they can put up their tents where they can sleep on.
Tents in the Camp site
I remember a news on Tv that there was an accident happened. It was Holy Week. I forget what year was that. A teenager swam at the lake and he was gone. His dead body floated the day after that incident. He was in the water alone. His companions can't take the cold of the water. It's a lesson. They're not sure of the condition of the lake. Others said that it was because of drugs taken.I'm uncertain if he's body took an autopsy examination.It's cold to be there specially when you are approaching the highest peak. If you wanna climb Mt. Apo, you've got to have the adventurous spirit to be able to make it on top! I knew a lot of people who climbed this tallest mountain many times. According to them, it feels great to have those kind of experiences.
When I was in high school I joined an organization named HDI- Human Development International. One or two of our fellows had given the chance to climb with the elders. They were lucky to have that opportunity. But of course, they were prepared physically.
Photo of Mt. Apo in above sea level
Years ago I heard rumors that Mt.Apo will be closed to the public. Officials recommended this idea because of the acts of the visitors and climbers do. The people who take care of the mountain found out that garbages are piling. They can see plastics and cans left in areas where climbers stayed. The worst thing is used condoms were found scattered. They saw one that is hung!!!!! People are abusing it so they have the proposal to closed it. They don't want that this gift of nature to be damaged and lost it's natural beauty. Good news for everybody because that idea was trash. So everybody are still welcome to visit Mt. Apo and feel the excitement and adventure it can bring!
Feel the heights at the peak

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