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Thursday, September 09, 2010

Listen Listen to One Voice

Paying attention to somebody who's appointed to lead the group is essential in attaining success.This was the first immunity challenge of Survivor Philippines Celebrity Showdown.The castaways are divided into three groups; Magan (a sea creature), Sar Mayee (the long-haired ox) and Nagar (the dragon creature). These divisions are Indonesian mythical creatures.
All they have to do is row a boat, get the puzzle blocks, get the flag, solve the puzzle that will serve as the ladder and put the flag on a flat form. The leader was the only person allowed to get the puzzle blocks from the water, hold the flag and put the flag if  his/her members are done solving the puzzle.

The best strategy is to have one voice only. They have to listen to one person in sailing their boats to avoid getting different commands from their fellow castaways.In solving the puzzle the leader is allowed to give instructions only. If the members are done with it, the leader can now use to the ladder to raise their flag and declare themselves as winners!

There are three groups so two teams got the immunity idols; Nagar- Jon Hall's team and Sar Mayee- Aira's Team.These little structures represent their absence in the tribal council.A meeting in which the loser team gather and choose who's to vote out.

the immunity idol that can be
divided into 2 equal halves

Jon Hall plays well in this season. He shows the characteristics of being a sole survivor. He has the strength, agility, wit and leadership traits. Jon is a half Filipino-British hunk who grew up in Cebu but migrated to the USA when he was 12 to study. After his studies, he went back to the country and become a model.If you don't know his ex girlfriend Aubrey Miles and current gf Michelle Madrigal are in the island with him fighting for the challenges to get the pot money which is Php3M.Well, who knows? The game has just started! We'll find out then who's the best among the rest as the game continuous to spark!


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this article is great....

ladyinpurple said...

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