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Monday, June 30, 2008

Lethal Combination- Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao vs. David "Dangerous" Diaz

The Lethal Combination which covered the boxing fight Light Weight Champion of the World- Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao vs. David "Dangerous" Diaz was brought to us in the Philippines by GMA-7 Network. The event happened in Mandalay Bay in Nevada. The fight was also seen in movie theaters live via satellite. Local and provincial officials offered a free viewing on their gyms for their constituents. Nichole Angela sang the Philippine National Anthem while Jasmin Villegas sang the U.S National Anthem.
The judges of the said boxing event are Garry Merrit, C.J. Ross and Paul Smith. In the blue corner was the "Pambansang Kamao" Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao. Manny has a total winnings of 46 with 34 recorded knock outs and only 3 defeats. On the other hand,( red corner) David "Dangerous" Diaz gathered a total of 34 winnings with 17 knock outs and only 1 defeat. The fight began with contenders' aggression. Both are hungry of their victory. You can see that Manny and Diaz are starting giving off their punches. It's obvious that Manny is doing a good punch combination. Both were relax in the first round but the crowd were only shouting Manny's name. In the second round, Manny's really hitting Diaz on his head and body. During the third round, Manny did his power shots against Diaz. Take note, Diaz was really strong. He has the ability to absorbed Manny's hits on him. Physically, he is prepared. On the next round, more resistance can be seen in Diaz with Manny's attack with the use of her left and right punches! In the fifth round of the fight, Diaz eye was swolen. He got bloody eye now. I can smell Manny's victory is at hand! Diaz was still able to withstand his striking opponents. Manny's patience was tested in the seventh round, Manny's circling Diaz on the center ring. You can see fire in the eye of Pacman because Diaz was still hitting him in his body when the referee already called a time out! jajajajajajaja Many did a punch revenge on his head. I saw it! On the eight round, the fight was quite shaky. Diaz was having a hard time defensing himself on furious Manny! The people in the center were starting to call on Manny's name again. His small cut in the eye continuous to bleed. We were all waiting on Diaz next action on the ring because it is said that Diaz is dangerous during the final rounds ( round 9-10). That's how he got his trademark name.On the ninth round Manny defeated his Mexican opponent who's from Chicago. Diaz received Manny's 3 strongest punches in the entire event. The crowd were gain shouting! Poor Diaz laid on the ring floor after Manny's unstoppable hits. Manny won the Light Weight Champion of the World by knock out. The pound for pound king played professionally. He's indeed a phenomenon. It's true that this significant boxer from General Santos City is a great fighter! Manny's speed surprised Diaz! David Diaz admitted the fact!However he was a tough guy because he made it all the way to the ninth round. Governor Chavit Singson was there, Lito Camo who was the composer of Manny's first song "Para Sa 'Yo and laban Na 'To."was also seen in the arena. During the interview Manny's dedicating this fight to all Filipinos specially those victims of natural calamities that struck the Philippines lately. Manny's mom was happy that his son won because they wanted to give donation to all the victims of typhoon Frank.The NBA Champion Basketball team Boston Celtics was waiting for Manny backstage. They did picture taking and the group said that they like the Filipino boxer. I'm pretty sure that the whole Philippines is celebrating Pacman's victory! A welcome party and motorcades are expected. His countrymen are excited for his homecoming. It's still unproven if Manny will take the challenge to fight in 140.


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