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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

RCBC Robbery Update

After the bloody crime that happened in Cabuyao,Laguna the Philippine National Police or PNP has the list of suspected murderers. They are really working on it to solve this crime.According to them there are 5 people who are responsible for RCBC Robbery and Massacre that happened last month,May 16. The three were arrested while the remaining two are on the list of the most wanted people for now. The three were taken and will be charged for robbery with multiple homicide. The case is still unsolved. However, the families of the victims were somehow thankful that they are getting justice for their love ones who were victims of the inhuman activity done by insane people. On the contrary, families of the arrested people and suspects are hoping that the police had take the right people and not mistaken identities stuff again. I am looking forward to it. All Filipinos are praying that this will be put to an end and that justice and peace will prevail.

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