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Friday, June 06, 2008

Wise Spending

I saw an afternoon show few months ago and it was all about a girl who loves to shop. All she wants to do is to look for new release clothing, jewelries, gifts and other stuffs that she loves. Nikki Gil was the one who portrayed that materialistic girl.I guess it was aired every Sunday for a certain month. She got a new credit card and was tempted to shop here and there. Her boyfriend and close friend were both worried because she turned out to be a shopping freak! Without her knowledge that card was enchanted and it'll not be paid with money! Her debt was paid in exchange of the people she loves. Her boyfriend and close friend left her because she's taking them for granted. She even forget a birthday because of excessive shopping!!!! It was ridiculous!

I like that episode because it awakened those students and teenagers who shop much and spend their money unwisely. It reminded those people to think on the effects or consequences of the things that they had done. I'm closing this post with this idea: Go for credit card transfer with zero or low rate.

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