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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

General Santos City Welcomes Pacman

The people of General Santos City are very warm in seeing their boxing champion and "kababayan" as well Manny Pacquiao in his last visit in his home town. From Gen. San airport to their streets the people are really waiting for Manny's comeback! There was a float parade and a small gathering in Carlos P. Garcia Park. Congresswoman Darlene Custodio was also there congratulating Pacman. After their misunderstanding during the election they are now friends. Manny ran last election in their city but failed to get the position. Custodio was still hailed as the Congresswoman in General Santos City.According to Manny it was a wrong timing when he decided to run. Hmmm, for me better not to engage himself in politics. He has to learn a lot to be able to become a good public servant. Enough experiences are needed to make you fit in a certain position that you wanna get. It's better to concentrate in his boxing career. Manny's possible next boxing event will be a fight with Edwin Valero, a great boxer from Valenzuela. The said fight will be in November in this year. After Valero he'll fight again to a western boxer. Manny's now thinking about his resignation in boxing. After the 2 fights I guess we'll know what will be his decision if he's gonna leave boxing or not. Congratulations to Pacman for being the 1st Filipino and 1st Asian boxer to hold 4 World titles in different divisions.

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