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Saturday, October 04, 2008

Betrayal,Trust and Life

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Lately, I realized something in life. I learned that we need to open our arms again to new beginnings no matter how painful our past experiences were. Last month's revelation was truly a form of betrayal to my family. Among the members, I'm the most broken. Nevertheless, we are still standing firm. When big waves are coming our way, mom is always reminding us to be honest at all times and stick to whatever we believe are right.

In spite the bitterness that fate is giving us, we are always told to be thankful with it. That we should be glad when troubles come because at the end of the tunnel, there will surely light. Our mother is our great teacher and great adviser. She's reminding us to have that welcoming spirit and open our hearts again. Trust is such a treasure that we can gain from genuine people. Yet, the sad fact is, it's hard to win it back when integrity is lost.

Other people's experiences in life allow me to feel life as well.The last few statements will explain it further. "It's not ideal to trust only 3-5 people in your whole life. What will happen to you if they're gone in this world!? Life is complex and full of unexpected events that will surely shake us for Life is indeed full of surprises. Therefore, we need to become a fighter, a conqueror, a believer and a survivor to understand life fully and enjoy it."


bobbyboy said...

Very true. What I've learned from my loved ones, I try to pass on to others as well.

I tend to trust everyone until they give me reason not to :)


ladyinpurple/jazzie said...

Thanks bob for your reaction...

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