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Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Can we live in a society free from prejudice?

Definitely NOT! As long as we are still living in this world full of material possessions and bitter people we cannot escape from people’s advance judgments. Why are people not rich with ideas? Instead they’re loaded with unnecessary buzz and rumors!

Prejudice is a negative word which also means prejudgment.Individuals who have high educational degree yet narrow minds are sometimes the very judgmental people. With the advanced studies that they had they’re expected to be more constructive when it comes to giving criticisms. Moreover, they should have wider understanding since they were able to go to school, educate themselves and become better individuals than those who don’t have the chance. It’s paradoxical because our expectation is not met. Instead, people who claimed to be educated ones are the people who are not observing and destroying the balance. They’re happy if they step on other people’s rights. They’re afraid that their power is overruled. People’s prejudices are sometimes the cause of conflicts and hatred.
Now my question is, if knowledge is not necessary for good judgment then what do you think it is? Leave it as a comment if you have an idea.


bobbyboy said...

Nice post!

Education is certainly important in helping fight prejudice, but proper education is more important. There are schools around the world that teach hate, bigotry and leave children ignorant about reality.

The main reason I find for prejudice is ignorance. Sometimes our parents, teachers, friends or those we look up to may lead us in a misguided direction. Many times it's unintentional because they may be ignorant about certain things also.

There are three rules of thumb I try to live by about dealing with people, which are based from:

3.Ignorance on purpose

If they follow the third rule, then I walk away as they are not open minded and I'll never get through to them about the first two points.

bobbyboy said...

"if knowledge is not necessary for good judgment then what do you think is it?"

Sorry, I forgot to answer this lol

I think the basic concept of knowledge is needed for any actions we take in general. That being said:

"Knowledge is learned, judgment is inherent."

ladyinpurple/jazzie said...

I love your comments....Bob makes sense...

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