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Sunday, November 09, 2008

My Only U

After a long time I had the chance to see a movie at the mall. I got more important things to do everyday than to be in a theater for 2 hours or more. Actually I don’t have plans to see one today. My mom just informed me that I would go with her after we had our lunch. Since we were unable to see it on the first day of screening she treated me out and my boyfriend.

The movie title was My Only U. It’s a Philippine movie.The main stars are Vhong Navarro and Toni Gonzaga. The supporting stars are Empoy, Kitkat, Benjie Parras, Dennis Padilla, Janus Prado, and Arlene Muhlach with the special appearances of Zanjoe Marudo, Sam Milby and John Lloyd Cruz. The movie category is comedy. It was cool and hilarious.It was directed by Cathy Garcia-Molina under Star Cinema.

Winona (Toni Gonzaga) was thought to be dying and Bong (Vhong Navarro) who loves her so much did everything to extend her life and enjoy her remaining days. The twist of the story is, it was Bong who is dying because Winona’s medical result was done with error and the doctor who’s suppose to declare her medical condition died unexpectedly. In an event, Bong was rushed to the hospital and that’s the moment when the doctor found some complication in his body. You know what’s the ending? They got married but they died in a car accident. The break is no longer working but they’re still happy because they’re together. The funny thing is they can no longer kiss each other or feel each other because their flesh is no longer part of themselves.

Most of the time I prefer watching English and action movies to Tagalog comedies. My mom was the one who paid for our movie tickets  so she’ll be the one to choose on which movie to watch.

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