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Monday, November 10, 2008

Christmas is in the Air

After the Halloween people are now thinking on the upcoming Holiday Season. I was at the mall yesterday and I saw much display of Christmas trees, decors and lights in preparation of Christmas Day celebration. I can hear Christmas songs played on the radio. People start to decorate their homes, offices and stores. Markets and popular malls had put up their giant Christmas trees! Truly, Christmas is in the air.

I have lots of favorite Christmas songs to serenade our fellows. Some of my favorites are the songs of Jose Mari Chan. I was first in love with his songs when I was a kid. The song Christmas in our Hearts is indeed timeless! Whenever I hear songs for the holiday season, it inspires me, relaxes me, thrills me, warms me and makes me happy. Moreover, it makes me want to celebrate Christmas, makes me feel giddy and reverent. In addition, it helps me shop stuffs for my godchildren, family and friends. Furthermore, it helps me forget my troubles and enjoy the season of giving and forgiving.

Mom tells us that everyday is Christmas. We can celebrate it daily. Everyday is a time to give,to forgive,to share what we have, to offer our thanksgiving and remember what God had done for humankind because of his great love.

Do you give someone Christmas music as a gift?


bobbyboy said...

That's the spirit :)

Let's all have a great holiday season!

Allen's Darling said...

Hi There

I'm enjoying your posts here. Keep up the good work. Your great. Anyway, i'll let you know na kababayan tayo. Can you add me as one of your friends.

See yah.

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