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Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Parents’ 26th Wedding Anniversary

Today my parents celebrate their 26th Wedding Anniversary.Mom prepared some food and we’ve got visitors.Relatives and friends came here to be with us.They got married last March 19,1983.A year after, my mom delivered her first child.We are four children in the family and my brother is our youngest.

I wish and pray that our family will stay strong, happy and blessed.Arguments and misunderstandings are inevitable.It can happen to every family.It now depends on how each member will take it.

Last year was their silver anniversary and the most unique gift was from our childhood friend name Jed.He’s an artist and he really made an effort. His present was extremely unique.He conceptualized a stuff that has something to do with my parents.The whole output was really a piece of an art made by an imaginative and unique person.I got a photo of it and I posted it in my other blog site.

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