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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Rock Music Doesn't Rock Me

I'm not a fan of rap-metal because I can't relate to their music. I don't have any favorite Rock Bands or Artists either so it's obvious that I'm not into it.People may find me boring but this is what I feel about it.As a whole this genre of music is too loud for me.Metal songs for me are annoying and irritating.They've got no lyrics and I can hear only screams and harsh sound-making.The looks of the artists performing this kind of music is untidy for me.In my opinion, their state of fashion is out of this world. We live with freedom to exercise.They love to wear those kinds of clothes or accessories and that's how they express themselves then let them.We have our own preferences in life.There are people who adore it and I belong to the group of individuals who don't find it lovely to hear.

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