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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Faith Plus Justice Equals Peace

In any part of the world people struggle in attaining peace and serenity.According to one of the speakers of God’s Seven Last Words faith along with justice among people will bring peace.If there’s peace, harmony is observed.Thus, unity is enjoyed.

Having faith in God, in ourselves and to our people will help lessen injustices.Achieving peace is possible if the majority shares the same visions.Differences in religion, will most likely to hinder its possibilities.However, giving respect and conformity to the set standards in the community will make into a reality.

On earth, there’s no perfect place.Whenever I have the thought of leaving the place and the people I live with, my mom would remind me that I can’t change the environment to suit myself.Instead, I have to change myself to be able to fit in a certain situation.She added that inner peace within us will give us good feeling regardless of negative things that are happening around us.

I believe that if we have faith to the Most High and we live in a just country there would be peace on earth.If each and every one of us have that loving and forgiving spirit we could have a better place to live in.On the contrary, if most of us are greedy, full of rage and always thirsty for power war can happen.As a result, bitterness among ourselves separate us.

How about you?What do you think is the best thing that should be done in attaining peace and order on earth?

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