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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Be Back Soon

I'll be away home for eleven days.I'm joining Kamp Pag-asa's 10th year. I settled my work loads so I'm free now to join the said summer camp.There'll be no earning on those days and I'll probably miss my email box! However, I know it's worth the time and effort.This is the second time around that I participate in such a unique camp for children. My niece said that she'll miss me.I laughed at her when she asked me why do I have to leave home.My sister and I were laughing while she was telling us that I dislike somebody in the family that's why I'm leaving!Moreover, my students were also asking me if I'm coming back.Of course I am! To all my friends online I'll be in touch soon.There are scheduled posts in my blogs while I'm away home so there's something new to read through out the days that I'm offline (^_^)


alone said...

hope you'll get something from the camp. i'd subscribed to your feed.

have a nice summer camp =D

ladyinpurple said...

I got a lot of wonderful things from the camp! I super enjoyed it and since I've been home..I've been missing my groupmates-Red Rats!

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