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Saturday, May 23, 2009

I'm One of the Kreative Bloggers

In the blogosphere,there are many pages that are published written by thousands of bloggers and it sounds good when they consider you as one! A Kreative Blogger Award is given to me by one of my good friends in Blogger Community!I learn a lot of things in reading his writings about Relationship Digest.Furthermore,I follow and often visit my favorite co-bloggers since they write interesting and related things with mine. The criteria to receive this award is to come up with seven things I love:
  1. I love God above all things.
  2. I treasure my mom.
  3. Purple is mine! (^_^)
  4. I'm fond of reading.
  5. I value my genuine and good friends.
  6. I enjoy living my life.
  7. I keep my webpages.
Next, I have to pass on this award to seven blogs I love: Just six special people for now.Have a great weekend everyone!


bobbyboy said...

Enjoy the award Jazzy, you put a lot of thought into your writing. I can see that clearly! Plus, I can feel that you are a very caring human being, and along with your "Kreativity", it's a great combination :)

ladyinpurple said...

It's simply because we are KREATIVE BLOGGERS (^_^)

Aswani said...

Many congrats for this achievement :)

violetauthoress said...

salamat-salamat sa award ^_^

babalitaan kita pag na-post ko na... abala kasi ako kaya hindi ko pa nahaharap ang blog ngayon ^_^

salamat ulit... nakakatuwa yung award


ladyinpurple said...

To ASWANI : Thank you (^_^)

To VIOLETAUTHORESS : Take your time my dear friend (^_^)

azarre said...

Thank you MY POH..:) for trusting the award to me. Hope we can stay close-linked each other....

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