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Monday, June 01, 2009

Terminator Salvation

Have you seen the latest movie of Christian Bale? The movie that I saw last Saturday which is Terminator Salvation shows the writer's prediction in the future with regards to the advancement of Science and Technology.The film was about machines' invasion to humans.Certain group of people had decided to give people the ideas which are impossible for them to believe like robots can rule over us. Do you believe that it can happen in real life? In the end,human resistance spearheaded by John Connor (Christian Bale) were able to stop the Skynet's plan with the help of Marcus Wright (Sam Warthington). As a whole,the movie was good.Though it's kinda predictable since we have fore knowledge about this possibilities it's undeniable that its sound and graphical effects made the movie astonishing.On the duration of the film I wasn't bored.I was a bit sleepy though because we tried to catch the last full show.I have no other spare time this week so I grabbed the chance to watch it.The intensity stays until the end.It's a fast-paced one.I like watching action movies.Not so in Science fiction though.I'm satisfied with the denouement of the story and there's probably a sequel coming up! I got this line from the movie:
The strength of the human heart is the difference between us and machines.

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