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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

RIP Michael Jackson

The sudden death of a pop icon surprised the entire world. Michael Jackson who was a member of Jackson 5 has made a remarkable contribution for humanity and music industry.I grow up hearing and reading his name everywhere. Most people know him even the small ones! His looks and dance moves are copied and still imitated! His imitators are growing in number.After his death his albums and tracks are hitting the chart again! I watched some of his music videos and live performances in Youtube and truly I say Michael Jackson has got a very unique talent and sweet voice.His smile is still painted on my mind.Regardless of the rumors about him, he's still the Michael that Filipinos know, recognize and idolize.In our hearts his legacy will remain...Billie Jean and Thriller are only two of Michael Jackson's top songs in the 80's.
The ladder of his career will serve as an example for the future artists and stage performers! Michael Jackson's spirit and love for music is indeed special.People around the world are mourning for loosing someone like him nowadays.From Asia to Europe his fans are making their own ways to pay tribute for the late King of Pop. In the Philippines,Michael Jackson-inspired shows are aired and we enjoyed it.It gave ideas who the Artist of the Decade is.For the information of those who don't know him variety and talk shows featured his life and death.Thus, we remember him through it. Filipinos do remember him and his precious moments here on earth.
Rest in Peace Michael Jackson....

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