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Monday, July 06, 2009

4th of July

America's Birthday made my sister's family enjoy their weekend.They sent us pictures and videos as well so we felt like being there too.Last Saturday, the Americans celebrated their Independence Day!The national holiday of the Americans is normally associated with carnivals for kids and kids at heart, fireworks display, parades,picnics and any related activities that commemorate the Declaration of Independence Day that happened on July 4,1776.
We saw at the videos the different joyrides that kids love.We had fun while looking at it because we can see that my nieces were enjoying their time.So did my younger sister. I'm happy for the current situation of my older sister's family.Again they're together and intact in England.They're staying in one roof and that made us feel good.The kids spent few months in the Philippines and we knew that they truly missed each other. Their dad is probably happy to see his kids around....to watch them play,eat,sleep and learn.The oldest one is going to continue her studies in England. She's going to an American school of course and not a British one. I read in a morning paper that North Korea has tested five missiles on the day that the Americans celebrated their Independence Day.Do you think it's an "act of provocation"? I know that the Americans are not happy about it.However, they are firm when it comes to the safety of their race. I heard a lot of rumors that the next World War will happen in Korea!If North Korea doesn't stop from testing and launching devastating explosives despite UN's ban for the said activities, some people think that an international battle might happen again! According to them, it's a sign that North Korea is preparing for something! Why do they keep on testing them?What's the point of doing it on the Fourth of July? Do they have something to imply to the American people? What do you think about it? I pray that this won't happen. We don't want to see people living in a miserable kind of life.Conflict that resulted in world war would mean the destruction of properties and putting people's lives to an end! Let's all hope that this rumors won't become a reality. HAPPY 4TH OF JULY to all the Americans out there!God Bless America (^_^)

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azarre said...

Hello jazzie... I read this post and see your expression of happiness. Coming along here with an award of friendship for you... Please check it up on my blog. Regards.

The award is here

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